Out on wheels

The whole family out on wheels last night. Danny and Makena built ramps to ride their bikes on. Aisea is finally big enough for the balance bike (although just barely big enough). In the last week or so Aisea has become obsessed with bicycles. He points out every bicycle we see and yells “bicycle!” so he is very excited to be able to ride this one. Peri got a little push-car for her birthday and she loves to walk around with it. She wants to walk everywhere but won’t walk without assistance so this little car is great for her.

Peri is (almost) 1!

Peri is almost 1 and the celebrations have already begun! This past week we were on spring break so I was able to shop for a little outfit for her photos and then we got them done at People’s Park on Friday. I had a vision of her in the grass with a little lace teepee behind her but the weather has been so cold and all the grass in our complex was torn out so plan B was People’s Park. We were going there anyway for an outing and I brought my camera and her special outfit just in case I had the chance to get the photos. They worked out and I think they are so cute :)

Lantern Festival

Last week was Lantern Festival (or maybe it was more than a week ago? I’m really off on my days and time lately). Anyway, we had bought some small firecrackers and sparklers to do with the kids over Chinese New Year but never made it out because the kids and I all passed a cold back and forth. We went out and set them off on this night.

Home day

I have gotten pretty far behind and don’t have the time to really catch up but here is a post about today. This morning Peri woke me up nice and early, a good 30 minutes or so before our alarm, so I figured I had plenty of time. Oops. The days I think I have plenty of time are the days we miss the school bus. I got Makena and Aisea up (who were sound asleep) and send Makena to the bathroom to get ready while I got Aisea ready. I check the time and tell Makena if we run the whole way, she skips brushing her teeth and skips brushing her hair we could make it to the bus and she said “nah, I just want to stay home today”. Sounds good.

First snow of the season

Peri woke me up a bit early this morning and I’m actually glad she did. It snowed last night and it was so pretty this morning. I woke the kids up early so we’d have some time to play in it before Makena had to catch the school bus. Aisea loves to walk her to the bus and he is SLOW so I figured we’d need plenty of time to get there with snow on the ground. I also figured Makena probably wouldn’t get much time to play in it at school and it would be gone by the time she got home so going out before 7am was our only option.

Christmas season

Ah, it is now the Christmas season. . .my favorite!! The day after Thanksgiving our tree goes up and I decorate the house.

The kids coloring the star for the top of the tree


Makena getting the tree out of the box. . .Aisea not being so helpfulIMG_9185

Makena and I “fluffing” up the treeIMG_9207

In years past I’ve put the kids in Christmas clothing (a fancy dress or just a onesie with a Christmas logo) but I didn’t have anything for Aisea this year. I looked for something for him on a Chinese online-shopping site but only came up with Christmas costumes. Like, ridiculous Christmas costumes. They were really inexpensive ($4 USD per costume) so went ahead and ordered them. I am totally loving that decision!

Fall boy

Last year I took Aisea out and did a little photo shoot of him in the leaves for his first fall season. I didn’t plan to do it again this year but just had my camera on me while we were out the other morning playing in the dirt and fall leaves so thought I’d share these photos :) He is growing up so fast!